Tuesday, October 15, 2013

MatchedGrip Shelton

How to Hold a Drumstick
Mark Shelton

It’s not rocket science. 
Every day, thousands of people are holding drum sticks and mallets in the matched grip—music professionals, hobbyists, school band members, AND elementary music students.

If your pupils are playing percussion using drum sticks and mallets, they should learn to hold those implements in the matched grip. 

Check out this short tutorial for a quick overview of the matched grip.


Mark Shelton has presented hundreds of arts-in-education performances as a percussion soloist and as leader of the world music ensemble, Tin Roof Tango. From the early days of his career as Visiting Artist at Coastal Carolina Community College to his current work as a soloist, clinician, sideman, and entrepreneur, Mark has created programs, products, and educational services for a variety of ages. The author of Give Me a Groove from Heritage Music Press, Mark has also published articles in Percussive Notes, Activate!, Dulcimer Players News, and Worship Musician

Find out more about Mark at www.marksheltonmusic.com

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